Most clients who come to SCORE, get their small business questions answered through our Workshops and Counseling. However, when appropriate, we suggest additional Federal, State and non-profit agencies who can help as well. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources for additional information and help, and to generally increase your small business knowledge.

We are fortunate that SCORE is a Resource Partner with most of these organizations in Delaware and we will give you a web site where you can obtain contact and other information on all of them in one place. In addition, the web sites of our national SCORE organization and our primary sponsor, the U.S. Small Business Administration, both offer much tutorial and other information to help the small business owner.

May we suggest that before you investigate these sites, that you bookmark SCORE Delaware website in your browser for easy return.

Small Business Resource Partnership
The Delaware Small Business Partnership is a consortium of Federal, State and non-profit agencies with programs that benefit small and growing businesses. From permitting to site selection, from taxes to business plans, there are programs, literature or information from the organizations listed in this directory that can help your business grow. You can also download Delaware’s Funding Resources from the Delaware Small Business Resource Partnership website.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
The U.S. Small Business Administration has programs that all small business should be aware of. Their web site is also an excellent source for business laws and regulatory assistance and offers tutorial information on all aspects of business. Go to the Small Business Administration (SBA) web site now. The Delaware Regional Office is next door to the Chapter 42 SCORE office and is our primary sponsor. You may also want to visit the Delaware SBA website.

National SCORE Organization
Wilmington Delaware is the birthplace of SCORE. It has now grown to 389 chapters and more than 10,500 retired and working volunteers who provide business counseling and advice as a public service. This site will help you connect with any of these chapters all over the United States. It’s Learning Center and Business Toolbox will also help you expand your business tools. Go to SCORE National website now.

News And Information

Enthusiastic volunteers ready to extend their experience and business expertise to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Excellent opportunity for the retired executive or former small business owner who wishes to keep active in the business community and help business owners make their dreams of success a reality.

If you have skills in any of the following areas: Accounting, Advertising, Banking, Computers, Finance, International Trade, Management, Marketing, Personnel, Public Relations, Retailing, Sales, Taxes — Call 302-573-6552 (New Castle County), 302-678-0892 (Kent County) or 302-684-1101 (Sussex County) for more information about joining our team of counselors.



Would you like to talk with a neighbor who has had the same kinds of business problems you have – and who solved them successfully?

To help you to avoid mistakes, would you like to talk to someone about starting a new business?

Would you like to get this valuable advice at absolutely no charge?

That’s what SCORE is all about. Free business counseling by men and women who have had successful business careers as company executives or owners of their own businesses.

And they are as close as your telephone. SCORE has 48 counselors throughout Delaware, nearby Maryland, and Pennsylvania to help you be successful in your dream of owning a business or assisting in your existing business.

They are willing to share their knowledge and experience at absolutely NO CHARGE.


Even if you were willing to pay for management counseling, it would be difficult to find the experience to match your particular problems.

But SCORE can fill your needs. SCORE exists only to provide free information and advice on practically every business.

  • From ladies’ ready-to-wear retailing to food services and restaurants
  • From construction to electronics and computer technology
  • From advertising and marketing to financial control
  • From purchasing to …
  • Name it and there’s a SCORE counselor who talks your language.

It is important to organize and manage all the skills of a business in a way that will make the business operate successfully-and SCORE counselors have that management ability!


The counselor chosen to serve you has the experience that most closely parallels your needs. But no one is expert in every type of business.

So your SCORE counselor may call on other SCORE members for their special expertise.

Your counselor – or team – meets with you personally and as frequently as necessary. They analyze and define your problems. They help you find solutions. They keep checking with you to see how the solutions are functioning. The period of counseling may take an hour, a week, or a year, whatever length of time needed.

All information learned about your business is confidential. It is not revealed to anyone outside of SCORE.


Nationally, SCORE has helped thousands of small businesses iron out their problems. Many owe their success to the assistance received from SCORE.

Help for you is at your fingertips. To learn how you can get personal counseling for your business. There is no obligation.

Or, if you wish, you are welcome to attend any of the workshops SCORE periodically conducts. They cover major considerations for running a business. To find out when and where they are held.